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2 Weeks at UiTM Kampus Bandaraya Melaka

Today is the 14th day I'm being at Kampus Bandar Melaka for my Degree in International Business (BBAIB)....now I'm in BBIB3B class.

Different environment, culture, rules... everything is different form diploma. even it still at the same state (Melaka) but having life as Degree student that the new thing for me.i must open the now book / diary of my life starting form now. Start learning to be a matured and grown up girl.

Not any more a papa's princess and 'manja-manja'. I must wake up from the comfort zone. try to survived by own self start working hard in study. No more relax just like in diploma level... even i know that during diploma days I'm not the study type person... i must change that. I have 1001 plan in my mind, i must make the good strategy and do or organize all the plan base on my priority in life. in my personal life and family,study plan, financal plan, sosial life and spiritual eliment all that must have now plan starting from now becaus everything have being rotate and totally different form before. i must make more matured decision as the degree student

i realize now that no more close friends at hostel, I'm alone rite now...wake up in the morning having class as early at 8.30 then till 6.30. after that going home just like working people.Some of my friend stay at hostel. but I'm rent for a room at Taman Cempaka.nice house. complete with everything needed... class and study going fine

now i try to love my new life:)


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