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Facing New Life

Alhamdulillah starting a new day again today.
hope that today will be better and better then the other days before.Insya Allah...
just being here to say that im now quite being addicted to write down all thing in mind here. even sometime i dont have time for it coz a bit problem to have Internet at this new palace. just hope for the wifi at KBM. but now my house have the connection so. that the good thing happen in life because seriously I'm feel lonely ait now... even have friends around bout i don't know why i feel so empty... i don't know why... i thing that i need to motivate my self back in order to face the other day... but one of my friend say, sometime it fine to be alone and do all thing by your own. without partner. you can do what ever you want. what ever you wish for without need to think about other or what they will say either they agree or disagree with us.

When i say about lonely may be people thought that I'm may b lonely because of love life and love relationship. it not what i mean actually. may be I'm missing my family, my house, my room. all the comfort zone that i should left being when i came here. sound so 'ngada-ngada'
hahahaha.... but its true. have many thing in my mind rite now. but i don't know which part to start. may be love life also one of the factor. I'm missing him but it fine to have long distance relationship. we still in Malaysia not overseas. i should be more focus on study. being passion and think positively. Problems come and go in human life. it normal to have problems. but we must know how to solved the problems correctly. because some people just take the shot way or try to run away from the problems. its not the end of life having problems. even its very critical. there must be a way to settle it down. I'm telling this for my self. for not give up. try to wake if you are down. don't easily give up. even there no one with you or there no help from others. Its fine coz i should believe to my self that i can do it. be strong and Allah (God) is always with us. HE also will never let us to be alone if we always remembering HIM. Allah always will answer the pray and helping. may be Allah will help immediately or may be he not helping us to get what we want cause of something. there is 'Hikmah' for every thing.

I'm writing this to make my self being motivated because we will remember what we write and we read. also help to remind us bout something that we always forget all the time.
even it simple.

Jejah Johan


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