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erk.... i just realize that this post is quite the same with EDDIE because we go for the wedding at alor gajah last sunday... hahhhah...
with the myvi team eta, doh, meg, ati and eddie. the satria team , K, Ej, Shima and me myself...
its Leen's brother wedding... its make me feel the feeling n wedding bell for my self...
adoi... what is goin on with me huhuhuhuhu....
then we go to UiTM lendu for awhile visit.....
miss my diploma moment there... 3 years at Lendu have 1001 memory
continue the journey to Pengkalan Balak
my favorite place to hang out with friend during diploma...
is miss that place alot... its keep lots of my love memory there with him...
:P what ever past is past dear...
so here all the picture for all of u...

EJ, Eta & Shima

Abah Bo With Ibu
(hahahahaha..... bila lg nk kawin nie?)

Mak Kecik with Bapak

the couple of the year.... n eddie yg solo

K n Shima

Artis: Akbar Feat Yasin & Mode

Lagu: Siapakah Di Hati Mu

Wajahnya bermain main di mindaku

Kau yang kutuju kau matlamatku

Caraku paksinya cintamu

Kau yang ku tuju

Sedingin salju tenang jiwaku

Luas terbentang langit biru

Yang dihatiku tiada setaramu

Padanya asyikku buluh perindu


Siapa dihatimu

Siapa yg kau rindu

Siapa yg ada di dalam hatimu

Si dia di hatiku

Si dia yg kurindu

Si dia yg ada di dalam hatiku

Lepaskan aku daripada penjara rindu

Bila mungkinku menatap wajahmu

Tiada yg lain hanya kau kurindu

Siang dan malam ku mencari bayangmu

Why this song huh?

because this song represent my feeling n what ever in my mind right now

Seriously equally the same...

Asking and wondering "Siapakah Di Hatimu?"

I really mean it....

Enjoy the Video of this song by Akbar feat Yassin...

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2) my best friend EDDIE

3) 10 think bout hobby or fact bout me are :-

- i love singgin...hahhhaha....
- love anykind of music... coz i love MUSIC
- im single rite now....but not available (siap buat statement lg nie)
- love cooking... any kind of dish
- my new fav hobby... collecting kebaya n wearing it
- i drive... love speeding
- a always on 24 hours...
- crazy shopping n spending....
- LIVERPOOL die hard fan...(hahahhaha... )
- love to have lot of friends...

4) saper yeh?
- Doh (shahfeez)
- Momok
- semua lah kwn2 sy yg syg sy (ader bran x nk buat nie)

Realize or not...now is February.... AKA as a Love month for those who in love and everything all about love....time keep on going and go...
some time we doesn't feel the time running away...
like it or not we must go and face time go through the day....

i do not realize that i have being go through all the suffer for this few months...
it almost 6 months im having lonely life n identical crisis....all this happen coz of LOVE....
love that make me goin up as high as to haven and also fall down to the ground... its hurt....really hurt...tears...scream...and pain.... now i fell that...
all that feeling make me confuse and lost. i thought everything gonna be fine at first... i though all that i have done to make it back to the way that i want is enough... but im fail... that more hurt than i thought....im dying...

everything have being change a lot...and i have change too...do i really like this change? i make the wrong change to recover my broken heart... im going to far to build back all the thing that i lost...

all what i want i just the love... being care... sometime im really tired for LOVE...
but i still want it...
now i have a new shine... thanks for the shine....
the truth that im happy when u with me even u not realize it
i hope there will be the chance for me to get a new shine from u
but i wont push or force u to accept me.....
the thing is im always watching u from far and will be with u when u need me
thanks a lot
im breathing rite now

I’ll never let you go

So, never let me go

I will be your journey

And you will be my road

Down the stormy path

Love will never come to pass

It will be an anchor

Although the winds may blow

And through the depths of high and low

Wherever you will go, I’ll follow

To the end, back again

You know

Won’t let you fall

Fall out of love

‘Cause together we’ll be holding on

‘Cause all we have is us

Won’t let you go

Go away again

Because life don’t mean nothing at all

If I don’t have your love I will dry your tears

Take away your fears

Let me be your shelter

Your heart is safe in here

So beautiful and pure

There’s nothing I would not endure

Oh, love as got me blinded

I see it all so clear I’m down for you for whatever

Anything you going through

What’s mine is yours

Every little thing

I got you

Even when winds will change

Come smashing down and crashing on you