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Hhehehehe.... i love this song.. so cute...
thanks for a friend that introduce me to this song....
I share with all of u....here have two version.. the Korean version and English version
Hope u will enjoy...

Korean Version

English Version

Here guys... I found the lyrics of this song (English version)
Owh my... I'm really into this song rite now... crazy with it....Ahhahahaha..Enjoy it...

Seriously.... Don't Ask Me Why... Don't Ask Me What Happen....
All This because i want do to it for my self
for my own good... not cause of any influence or any external causes....
every thing came deeply from the bottom of my heart...
Now here i am... this i am..
i have choose this part n i take it seriously
Thanks for who those that really understand and support me...
Really appreciate it cause believe on me and never failed supporting....
Luv All of u... Only Allah will repay all that you guys have done

This my life... A new day... I have choose this path
I will wall through never look back anymore
what ever past let it past and i will never forget it because it apart of me
I just need time to prove my self.
Insya Allah I will

Susan Boyle, is 47 years old woman that make the judges and million of audience of the new season British Got Talent being shock and hypnotize with her very beautiful and lovely voice.
When she came onto stage the audience immediately started booing and hissing her, Before she sang, both the audience and the judges appeared to express skepticism based on her ungroomed appearance and awkwardness it based purely on her appearance. She looked a little odd [and] was a bit nervous and searching for her words. Some of them think that she look like crazy old woman that dreaming to be a great singer.

Until she started to sing," I Dreamed a Dream by Les Miserables". A few bars into the song, as her earthy, pleasing voice took command and soared over the auditorium, the crowd could be heard letting out a collective gasp, then starting to cheer raucously.
This also make Boyle's video on that night being the most-watched clip this month on YouTube. There will be more then 23 million viewers in a week. Its make the viewer stunned and some of crywhen hear her voice...it also happen to all the judges especially Simon..hehehe.... he stunned drop his mouth hear her singing.

Salute, thumbs up and big applause for her from me. this is what we can say, don't judge a book by its cover. Do not misjudging by their appearance. Every one have given talent by ALLAH (God) and have own specialty. Don't ever condemn people that not beautiful in appearance or ugly fat or what so ever. Because physically beauty can be change and be make over, it also can be fade away by time. But the inner beauty, the great talent and also the kind n pure heart is last forever and Insya Allah never be change.

Here(the second video) actually there is other song that Susan Boyle recorded in 1999 for the Charity CD and it is "Cry Me A river". I hope all of u will enjoy this very great n lovely voice of Susan Boyle.

I keep in falling... KoQ~!!!

Some of u must me question what is KoQ~ that i always mention with my friends all the time and make all of us will be in huge n hilariously laugh.....mmuuaaahahahah... wanna know what?

watch this....

where's the KoQ~? the sound KoQ~! at the 0.46 second at this video...

And then how bout this....

got it? hahahahha..... goo goo goo goo good...

its just for fun dont take this as serious n enjoy it...

this video being made by two friends that have very good talent in singing n making joke too..there is more video from them.. all of u can check it at
YouTube (just click at the link) Hope all of u enjoy....

they rock man... keep it up bro...

Insya Allah may be more n more video next time from them...stay tune....

Anyone that have facebook may join their group... n make the group happening

yey.. yey..yey....

KOQ~! Anas & Akbar


Daku Terasa Ingin Membawa
Cinta Yang Terlara Ke Titik Mula
Kembali Mencuba Untuk Kali Kedua
Menggilapkan Gerhana Jiwa
Pernah Ku Terasa Ingin Merayu
Pada Kasih Dulu Pulang Padaku
Lupakan Dosaku Putihkan Kelabu
Tenangkan Amarahmu
Bisakah Yang Terpadam Dinyala
Bisakah Yang Terhina Dicinta
Walau Ku Himpunkan Sesalku
Bisakah Terbuka Kalbu
Naluri Meminta Kuungkap Kata
Seindah Bahasa Janjikan Setia
Akan Bersemilah Cinta Dihatinya
Percaya Ku Semula
Bisakah Yang Benci Disayangi
Bisakah Yang Dusta Dimaafi
Walauku Himpunkan Sesalku
Bisakah Terbuka Kalbu
Bila Senduku Berlinang Sayu
Dalam Rindu Ku Tertanya
Ulang Chorus
Bisakah Yang Benci Disayangi Bisakah Hatiku Difahami Walauku Himpunkan Sesalku Bisakah Terbuka Kalbu

this song if from Siti Nurhaliza...actually im in unbalance emotional situation.....this song represent what im thinking rite now.... it cant be understand by words....but is this what i want.... if can change every thing... but then i know i can't do that..i must face it even any thing happen...
as one of my friend advice... everyone have up and down situation when we up we feel comfortable but then when we went down it hard to accept and adapt.. but then this is life we must realize and face everything. becoz live is always unexpected and as human we must try to accept all this and go with the flow.... insya Allah one day we will goin up again.. just belive in urself and just give chance to ur self to relax.
I know i can do it.. i will...just give me support guys....thanks for all the friends that very understanding n good advice...im really appreciate it.. pray for my happiness yah

Appart of BBIB 4A & 4B

Again...4A & 4B from other shot..

KBM BBIB student

FPP Dinner Committee...Great Job guys...

Makan time.....(semua sgt pelahap)

At last the dinner is done.. on 1 april 2009
Alhamdulillah... nothing can be say... just a pray and syukur to ALLAH coz everything is done...
really glad bout it.... am i rite all committee of FPP dinner 2009?
hehhehehe..... Congratulation to all for a great job and nice to get know n work with all of u
:) thanks for the trust that all of u give to me to handle the slide n laptop...