Exclusively By Izzah Johan

Salam Ramdahan

The face during goin out for "Sahur"
Salam Ramadhan to all my friends....
hope this Ramadhan El Mubarak will be better then before

This Ramadhan story begin when I get food poisoning this week
after breaking fast with my class mates.
At Muara Sg. Duyung

Almost all my friends get the food poisoning...
but what happen to me is really bad

its really pain n i cant take it any more....
Its start after get home from the restaurant...
I thought it just a minor sick or effect of eating to much after fasting
but the till morning.. it become worse... then i get diarrhoea...and badly vomit..
the bad thing ever really pain of stomach ache...that make me cry.. huhuhu....
I'm very week and thanks for my friends help me went to clinic
I get my injection and 1 bottle glucose
then alhamdulillah Im getting better
even take almost 2 day to recover
but then till now I'm still not really well
thanks for all friends that being concern... and really care about me
I'm really appreciate it....

moral of the story: minimize eating outside... cook at home a healthy food
hahahhahaha..... i must cook very day starting from now


  1. hati2 pilih makanan....sihat sudah?

  2. alhamdulillah
    dh beransur sihat
    walau perut masih pusing2

  3. hahaha..taw x pe..
    x nk pg dah kdai tue!!