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my beloved rabbit... thanks a lot U for introducing me to them...
im so happy... i will take a good care of our both bobby and bubboy
Here all Min Min pictures...
she takes part on the cat walk show for chines fashion show
at Mid Valley on 24 Jan 2010... she is very cute an talented....

Before the show... we having lunch at little Penang kitchen
she practice to smile and give a "peace" or waving at the audience...


This is Pn Normah's msg to all of u...

Salam pelajar semua. Selamat menjalani latihan praktikal.

Disertakan advisor untuk pelajar LP sem ini seperti attachment di bawah.

Tindakan pelajar:

1) Hubungi penasihat tanya bila boleh jumpa untuk tunjuk draf proposal

2) Dapat tarikh daripada penasihat sila maklumkan kepada majikan / penyelia syarikat masing-masing dengan segera (mohon pelepasan berjumpa samada 2-4 jam @ 1 hari jika jauh)

3) Sentiasa bawa fail LP apabila berjumpa penasihat

4) Jangan lupa minta tandatangan kad biru untuk bukti perjumpaan

5) hantar pada saya borang maklumat LP telah lengkap diisi dan akujanji yang ditandatangani

Tiada perubahan tarikh tentatif LP.

Ketua kelas, tolong emel kepada rakan sekelas @ seprogram semua.


INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS -http://www.4shared.com/file/190450725/c8b3e296/IB_Dis09-Apr10.html

FINANCE - http://www.4shared.com/file/190450122/525a0b87/FIN_Dis09-Apr10.html

HUMAN RESOURCE-http://www.4shared.com/file/190450751/809fb048/HR_DIS09-APR10.html

INSURANCE -http://www.4shared.com/file/190450739/d81e9ffc/INS_Dis09-Apr10.html

MARKETING -http://www.4shared.com/file/190450732/4fcc4674/MKTG_Dis09-APR10.html

It will be along time im not updating this blogI really miss it actually... since the last post on Octoberthat is before my final exam....


having my final exam and wen it come to final exam it will be very2 busyeven my life being different stay up on night... sleeping on the day...Hahahaha... that normal... it call as EXAM FEVER... its my last sem exam fever...Because after this i only face the practical training and report writing to finish my degree...(that the scary part i think)hahahaha..... day by day come and go....by da way at this moment im busy helping hazman with his business at pahlawan walk every weekend... that make me need more then 24hours for my self... even sometime not enough sleep.... its okey then... as long im happy for what i did... :)


finish my paper but then im still not home.. Stay at melaka for a while...hehehe...Until.last week of November then im coming home to klang for start my new lifehaving Aidiladhar celebration with my family....shima is with me....Nothing much... everything is in the right part.. Even im really happy with my life now..Having holiday with my beloved friend... its really fun....thanks guys for make my life almost perfect....love u all....hope it will be next vacation for us...After this may be having holiday at beach with BBQ party....(yeah i really need this kind of vacation) 30 NOV 2009.. The last day of November is the most memorable day in my life.. Because my first day starting my life as a practical training at Kontena Nasional Berhad...

I have being expose to this company since i was a little gurl and now im a big gurl that working there...At the first time im quite nerves... i will be there for 5 months may be....hope so that i can get experience for my life... cause i know it tha best place to develop people... but the people it self must make the change... its kinda sentimental value about this company to me actually... but then there is a lot of change in order to make this company become better because the have really good work force but then not fully utilize and the mentality of the worker must be change.. This only an opinion of my side...

Because i know that this company can be come more better then this even more.. It a good example of bumiputra company actually.... i will pray the best for it... i want to do something. But who am i to make the 360 change to this company but then ... i believe that there a change and it will com better.


there is the end of year 2009.. There a lot of thing happen to me. Now im in office...learning n absorbing all the skill and experience from the greet people around me... i want be more then them... the what i know that if u wanna get what ever u dream.. Write it any ware..as long u write and express what ever u want... it will be come true if Allah bless u... keep on try and never give up and pray for what we have done....

Im still in the early stage to improve my self.. About career, relationship, my inner feelings and others.Erm... a lot of thing inside my mind... i want to express it all but then i cant do it here.. But then its ok...The simple thing.. Just let it be...coz i know i can face it all.. As the conclusion...insya Allah till the end of the year my life is just fine... this whole year is the most memorable for me... a lot thing happen and a lot of changes and may more....

Till the end of December im busy with my cousin wedding on 26th DECEMBER 2009... it make me in the wedding mood...hahahaha... busy with work n wedding... i will upload the wedding pic soon here.. hope more picture at this blog for 2010

the conclusion of the end of my 2009 IM REALY HAPPY WITH MY LIFE!!!! even in sleeping on the new year eve at my lovely bed without thinking of crowded people and jammed oh high way at mid night of new year eve.... but then in having sweet dream and great sleep that day....