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Im Back!!!

hey!!!! there is long time im not writing and updating here..miss it so much... because of several reason.. some of my friend asking about it... okey.. as my much love to all of u.. im back updating it and will be more-moe now ting will be in here!!! ist just an opening entry.... but i will be back... updating new pictures.. new story... everything new... before the end of the year and will be a new year... (apa tah aku perepek) by da wayll i will mixed up my entry in english n bahasa malaysia... this will be more personal n more me.....



  1. Im back....heheh...welcome back my senior...hopefully you always happy and success in future..haha..

  2. @nani: thanks alot!!!
    @shahir... alahmdulillah im happy.. n i nk show my happiness at my lovely blog... miss it so much