Exclusively By Izzah Johan

My New Life

Okey now we start with my new news about me after along time im being hidden and not updating my blog.. as some of u all know Im having my industrial training at Kontena Nasional Berhad (KN) beging on 3oth Nov 2009 last year and end it on 17 April 2010. Alhamdulillah i have past trough all that and Alhamdulillah again im now im being employ by them... so coz of that i dont have time for updating... ada time tok dating je... ahakz.... no lah...I proud to be apart of KN starting 3rd May 2010 until now.. in Petaling Jaya Inland Clearance Depot (ICD) in customer service department for haulage operations and LTLD (logistics) Alhamdulillah... below is a lill bit info about KN...
A short brief about my working life... all I can say that im happy with my job and what im doin rite now:)