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In The Office

Saja je nk buat entry nie... Bila one of my friend buatkan group exuitm bandaraya mlk kat bbm. We upload our work place... Saja nak share within group members... That's my self in office n my table look like... Dulu rasa pernah upload kan pic office sy kat HQ yg chanteq n glamour tu... Hahhaha... Now I'm in the more interesting dept yg x glamour... Tp happy sgt will be here walau pon looks like messy pasal operation part kan... But alhamdulillah this environment that make me grow n lots of experience :) short entry... Nnt sambung...
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  1. Wah dia pun sdh ada exuitm punya bbm grup.. Bagus! Bagus! Eratkan balik silaturahim