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Fraser Hill

On 18 and 19 of February 2012 we decide to have a Vacation at Fraser Hill. This is my first time being there as my mum said that i have being there when I was 5 years Old.( I can't remember that) so i consider this trip is the first time for me to be at Fraser Hill. As usual, 1001 Pictures being captured as we are addicted and very camera friendly. So lets all the pictures tell the story of this vacation. Enjoy!!! As on the first day we arrived we check in at Frasersilver Park Resort. Then we went to the main area, Fraser Hill's Town Centre. Very small commercial area, that have few restaurant and small market.
At the Frase Hills Clock Tower
Nothing much that we do on the first day. 
Just went for hang out and have a cup of coffee together 

The Second Day
We went to the small strawberries farm 
Boating activities 
 Horse Ridding 
 At the Paddock
At the Jeriau Waterfall. We need to walk for 4KM at the first because car are not allowed to reach there due to land slide. but we decide to drive to the waterfall on our own risk. 
Alhamdulillah....we arrived safely there. 
Alhamdulillah... everything going smooth and we enjoy the 2 days 1 night at Fraser Hill
* suddenly i realize that this entry have a lot of pictures*
I really like it :) 


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