Exclusively By Izzah Johan

Happy Birthdaytine!!!!

Every year on 14 February we will celebrate special day of our beloved best friend 
Hazman Hasim
That the birthday shout form me.... 
Alhamdulillah for this year we decide to celebrate it at Ar-Rawsha at Jalan Kg Pandan. Its a  Lebanese Cuisine. Our favourite!
As people clebrating Valentine but we are not celebrating it.
We celebrate the Birthday with Love!!! Yooohhooo....

 Alhamdulillah... Our dinner tonight :) Yummmyy!!
 My mum with Insan
 While waiting for daddy... Hambek gambau dulu....

 Alhamdulillah... Alhamdulillah.... Alhamdulillah....
 Lamb Mandy
 Grilled Tiger Prawn
 Daddy and Mummy

Muka bersungguh makan kan
 Wah!!! LICIN!!! hebat
 Gambar paling Kelakar.... mcm berebut makanan je rupa...
 Birthday Boy bersemangat tiup lilin konon nye
xleh pasang lilin... angin kipas tepi kami kuat sangat...
action je sudah lah... 
 All my beloved of life :)
Heart all of u!!!

 Actually we are celebrating Daddy's Birthday in advance that night
So share the cake at the moment before the real cake for you on 23rd Feb

Present from "Jusco's CEO" hahahahah.....
 There also a present for Daddy and Mummy form Us 
 The Pearl set for mummy :) 
A big smile form Birthday Boy.... Have a bless year :)
Insya Allah..... 


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