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Come back to blogging

Lama kan Izah tak update apa2 kat blog nie. Dah ada baby apple pon masih tak sempat... Bz sangat tu mengalahkan PM....
Pasal buat masa nie Izah dah kembali menjadi pelajar starting on september after raya hari tu.. So now masih nak membisakan diri sebagai pelajar yang sambil berkerja nie.... Kena korbankan weekend untuk class. But mmg best kot classmate Izah kali nie. Izah ambil executive master in administrative science. Since that i back to study. I think i should come back to write more in english with proper language... Just for practice... Owh my english kata nye... Yes... In few month there is too many thing happen as time flies but alhamdulillah i feel much2 more better right now... Happy for what I'm doing with all people around me... So i will update some of the pictures enjoy... Will try update more here. Especially about my current business :) Coz i do love pictures so much so may b can follow me on Instagram. I do always update there! *writing this entry while waiting En Panda for our dinner*


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